Join Millions Of Christians In Asking Netflix To Cancel Film Depicting Jesus As Homosexual


This is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world.

'Porta dos Fondos' - Netflix evil movie

The Brazilian group ‘Porta dos Fondos’ (Translates to “Back door”) has produced a film titled “The First Temptation of Christ” which depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual in a clear attack to Christianity as Christmas approaches.

Over 1.5 million people have signed a petition asking streamer Netflix to take down the film that portrays Jesus in a gay relationship.

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The 46-minute film premiered on Netflix Brazil on Dec. 3 and has since sparked a ton of controversy online for its politically incorrect satire that paints Jesus as a closeted homosexual on Christmas.

Using humor and art as an excuse, this group has attacked Christianity in an unprecedented manner. They supposedly produced this film as a “Christmas” film for their viewers!

In this film they present Christ as having relationships with a homosexual while the disciples are alcoholics and unruly . The Virgin Mary is presented as an adulterous woman who has sex with God the Father ..

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“The First Temptation of Christ” sees Jesus and a friend named Orlando arrive at Mary and Joseph’s house where they’ve thrown a birthday party for their son, according to the New York Daily News. Jesus attempts to downplay his relationship with Orlando, who constantly hints that they’re more than just friends.

The outlet reports that the comedy group Porta dos Fundos is responsible for the special, which actually marks their second religious satire following “The Last Hangover,” which depicts Jesus’ disciples looking for him on the morning after the Last Supper. They recently earned an International Emmy Award for best comedy web television special for “The Last Hangover.”

The petition quickly formed and people continue to sign it in a push for the streaming service to take action against the group’s latest special for its alleged insensitivity toward Christians.

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The petition which started on, has so far collected 1,529,504 signatures. It calls upon Netflix to remove the movie, made by comedy sketch group Porta dos Fundos (Backdoor in English).

This is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world. This type of supposed ‘shows’ only cause one thing: numbing the population to attacks against Christians, according to citizengo.

That is why we are asking Netflix to remove this brutal attack on religious freedom.

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By signing this campaign, you will be sending an email to the following Netflix executives expressing your disagreement with their film :

  • Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix
  • Jeff Hensien, Head of the Netflix Consumer Service Department
  • Ted Sarandos, Netflix Content Manager

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    • If you really want to show something about Jesus…show how he used love and kindness to prove this world that only the path love is the strongest of all. I personally feel that would be the most wanted in this world full of hatred.

  1. This is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world.

    I call upon Netflix to remove the movie, made by comedy sketch group Porta dos Fundos.

    • This is absolutely unacceptable, it’s an attack on the believe of billion of Christian all over the world. Netflix should take it down or we will be forced to take Netflix down. Simple.

    • This is ridiculous. Netflix will not get another dime from me if they decide to show this. Jesus loved everyone so much he literally died for all of us. Now some idiots want to mock him just to get some ratings? If that’s not a slap in the face, I don’t know what is.

  2. Stop messing with our Jesus. You stay on your side of the rainbow and we will stay on ours. We pray for you. You make fun of us???

  3. May God forgive the blasphemy of those who produce such a work and give the leaders at Netflix the presence of mind to eliminate this distasteful, offensive heresy from their listings.

  4. Please do not show this program. It is a false depiction, and deliberately provocative against Christians. Why would you deliberately insult and sin against God in this manner by streaming this program, suggesting that the Holy and sinless Son of God would commit this sin? It is pointless, senseless, and stupid to stream this program. Why do it? It doesn’t help anyone, only insults and distorts the Name of Jesus in people’s minds.
    I, as well as millions of others, will immediately cancel Netflix if this program is posted. I will not give my money to a service showing this absurdity.

  5. This is a mockery of my faith of Christianity. I will never watch Netflix again if this is shown. Why would people even think of causing so much controversy.

  6. This is an absolute disgrace to our Risen Lord Jesus Christ.
    You would never do a Movie or a TV show that would upset millions of Muslims around the globe cause you’re scared they would cause another terror attack but it’s absolute fine to upset millions of Christians?

    Absolute disgrace!

  7. This is also sign of end time.
    it’s time to rise into prayer and Put God God to Action.
    Let the generals arise, confront and defend their FAITH–ACTION.

  8. This is also sign of end time.
    it’s time to rise into prayer and Put God God to Action.
    Let the generals arise, confront and defend their FAITH–ACTION.
    Therefore let the video clip be removed by immediate effect.

  9. Listen, Reed Hastings.
    You have the gut to allow this mad comedy movie titled ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ into the world. Anyway, i know where your loyalty is. Please withdraw it and destroy it. I give you 24hrs to do so. Failure to comply, you will be hospitalized for the rest of your life. Dare it!

  10. Pls for the sake of GOD.Netflix i beseech you to remove it,this is absolutely wrong why should other peoples faith.Pls this blesphemy should stop immediately !!!

    • IF it were other religion, they look for you people and Burn you down, but we serve a God that fight for Himself, so if you love the things that are important to you ,pls bring this nonsenses down. or The GOD of Vengeance will visit you.

  11. If the world hates you know that it hated Me before it hated you…..because they do not know Him who sent Me. Whoever hates Me hates My father also.
    John 15: 18-23
    LORD JESUS please have mercy on these spiritually blind people all these are Yours and they do not know You yet.
    I was a NetFlix supporter and now I am another saddened witness to the current spiritual climate. Apathy, Indifference, Abhorrence Jesus taught His disciples we woould be Hated for His name sake it appears as if those predicted days are here today in 2019.

  12. I think your decision to view such a disgraceful movie is beyond my comprehension. Please don’t lower your standards to appease people who intentionally sin against God. I enjoy Netflix, so please don’t make me
    cancel my subscription.

  13. #NETFLIX: “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL”…built on LIES, MISREPRESENTATION and total indifference to the #TRUTH. This is a #STAIN on the good reputation NETFLIX has built, do not let this madness overtake your organisation.

  14. To Whom it may concern at Netflix. Shame on you.You have no idea what you have done. You can’t mock God or blaspheme him. You do not repent, mark my word , you will live to regret it. Please remove that aweful Satan infused movie.

  15. I pray for people like you,for you do not know God. It is my prayer that you get saved. Jesus is coming soon.Sooner than you know.

  16. If you really want to show Jesus why not Show him as A Real Savior and one who needs our exaltation’s from the whole world cause he is the only one who brought plan B for all of us to be saved and surely be saved from everlasting death and to this blasphemy. REMOVE THIS BLASPHEME NOT TO SHOW ON ON NETFLIX, THE DEVIL IS USING YOU.

    Let God arise and deal with all opponents of our LORD JESUS CHRIST as He dealt with Saul of Tarsus in Jesus’name.

  18. Comment:Sincere you are making your money through a wrong means that, not can, but will eventually ruin your business. You’d better stop this on time

  19. This is so wrong and quite insensitive of you Netflix.pull this down.while you are on it,accept Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour

  20. This movie is very offensive! Many Netfilx customers are Christians! You are alienating a large portion of customers. If this movie is not removed I’m sure it will be seen in profits. I doubt you would make such a movie about Muhammad in fear of offending Muslims. Yet seem fine offending Christians. It is one thing to support LGBT awareness and rights. It’s another thing to do so by mocking Jesus and Christianity! If you have to try and rip apart one group to promote another you Netflix are going about things in the wrong way! That is nothing but being a bully and being decisive.

  21. Netflix, please remove the abominating film that is nothing more than a lie called “The First Temptation of Christ”. This is a sick and perverted evil doing towards every Christian.

  22. Pls remove such evil movie lest the wrath of God fall upon you. You have blasphemed against the Creator of heaven and earth. These are the last days the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when he will reward every man according to his/her works.

  23. Netflix Take down this film I urge you! This film is the biggest lie ever. Not only will I close down Netflix on my TV set, I will urge all my friends to follow my example.

  24. Comment:Netflix, This Is Highly Provacative And Prohibited. How Can You Allow The Devil To Ruin You All, You Have Already Start To Harm Yourselves And Your Generation By Producing This Absurdic Film. You Have Few Seconds TO Completely Delete This Film Or Face Eternal Doom And Condemnation!

  25. Please remove this despicable and blasphemous film from your distribution list. This is horrible, sick and perverted. The ones involved on every level of this wickedness are in essence asking for their own condemnation unless they repent. All of us have sinned. We all need a Savior no matter what we have or haven’t done.

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