Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May they prosper who love you.
“May peace be within your walls,
And prosperity within your palaces.”
(Psalm 122:6-7)

Jews, Christians Meet in Netherlands to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast began in 2017 to bring Jews and Christians together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. For the first time this year, organizers held a prayer breakfast in The Hague, the seat of judicial power for the world.

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Since the end of World War II, The Hague has been known as the world’s court and source of international law. That’s why hundreds of Jews and Christians met here to meet, speak and pray.

“We came to pray and do a shift because the Bible is very clear that law is centered and goes forth from Jerusalem,” said organizer Jack Van Derg. “We have proclaimed that the change now, that the law will no longer go out from The Hague, but will go out from Zion.”

Some spoke about a specific connection between scripture and what is going on in the world today.

“If you look at Psalm 2 it starts by, ‘why the nations are enraged?’ And it says the leaders of the world, they gather together to take counsel and they decide to exclude the Lord and His anointed,” a businessman named Evangelos Evangelides told CBN News. “Really it’s a warning to the nations. And it’s a warning to the European nations and a warning to the nations of the world.”

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Evangelides notes the European nations didn’t heed the warning and are facing consequences for deliberately leaving God out of their constitution.

“They wanted to break away but then the One in heaven. He looks at them, He loves them and has them in derision…But confusion and derision seem to be a constant situation that arises there. You have the crisis, economic crisis in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal and so on. And you had popular parties coming in power creating confusion, right-wing parties creating confusion in many countries. You have the migration that hit Europe and people don’t know how to handle it,” Evangelides explained.

Bringing the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast to The Hague is an example of the event’s overall goal.

“The purpose is to gather believers in an area, Jews and Christians in a nation to pray, to pray and ask God to work in their nation and then work on the hearts of their government leaders so that their nation turns towards Israel, to bless Israel and turn towards Jerusalem, to bless Jerusalem,” said co-director and former congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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Organizers have seen tremendous growth since 2017.

“Literally from Africa to Central America to South America to England to the United States, we’ve seen the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast spring up and it’s really in accordance with the Word of God, Joel 3, Chapter 1 that all nations will make a choice. Will they be sheep nations or goat nations and it means very clearly will nations bless Israel, will they bless the Jewish people or will they curse Israel and curse Jewish people,” Bachmann explained.

Bachmann says the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast has come at a unique time in history.

“We’re watching miracles all across the world right now…that God is answering the prayers of the saints, that each of the various nations now opens their hearts, open their minds, open their public policy to shift in favor of Israel and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital and undivided.”

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Source: CBN

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