Hear ye the moan of a soul that is lost,
O wretched sinner, that spirit is thine;
Jesus will enter thy bosom today,
Turning thy darkness to glory divine.

Jesus will save thee from darkness and woe,
He will redeem thee till whiter than snow.

Sinner, awake to the doom of thy soul,
Fettered by sin, and how soon you must die;
Fly to the Savior this moment, behold,
Jesus invites you to mansions on high.

Hark! From the garden and Calvary’s cross,
Voices that utter God’s wonderful love;
Value, poor sinner, thy soul at its cost,
Seek first its title to heaven above.

Think of eternity, oh, what a word!
Ages unending of darkness or day;
Where will you fix your eternal abode?
Take thy redemption ere life speeds away.

Past mercies slighted can never return,
Future recordeth no promise for thee;
Now is the day of salvation we learn,
Now is the moment, oh, come and be free.


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