Jesus will save, for your soul He hath given
His precious life as a ransom from sin,
That He might open an entrance to heaven,
And for you life everlasting to win.

Jesus will save, Jesus will save,
He will forgive your transgressions today;
He pleads for you, He pleads for you,
Jesus will save you, oh, come while you may.

Jesus will save, put an end to your mourning,
Bid you rejoice in His favor and love,
Robe you today in His righteous adorning,
Fit you to dwell in His presence above.

Jesus will save, throw your heart’s door wide open,
Long He has called while you slumbered in sin;
If you give heed to the word He hath spoken,
He’ll make you pure both without and within.

Jesus will save, shout the wonderful story,
Over and over the glad news proclaim;
Jesus will save, fill your heart with His glory,
Yesterday, now, and forever the same.

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