Jesus Saved Me From Lesbianism, Bisexuality; Woman Says Born Gay ‘is A Lie’

Brittany Whyte

A woman who shared her testimony of how God delivered her from lesbianism and bisexuality said she rejects the idea that she was “born this way,” saying it’s nothing more than a “lie.”

Brittany Whyte talked about her life before and after coming to Christ in a Delafé Testimonies video posted on YouTube earlier this month, explaining that if it weren’t for the transforming power of Jesus Christ, she would still be struggling with same-sex attraction and lust for both sexes.

Whyte firmly believes her past struggles with same-sex attraction stemmed from a manifestation of perversion caused by “generational spirits” that provoked her family’s “bloodline.” But Jesus has since “revived” and healed her.

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She added that she believes no one can be born LGBT because all humans are “made in the image of God,” as recorded in Genesis 1:27. However, she added that the “confusion” and “perversion” of sin manifests in many different forms.

“After coming to know the truth and realizing that it’s actually a perversion that followed the family, like this is a bloodline thing, perversion. I was like, ‘OK. This isn’t me.’ And then reading the Word too. God says that He ‘made man and woman in His image after His likeness.’ He says: ‘be fruitful and multiply,’” Whyte said, quoting Genesis 1:28.

Whyte added that since God commanded husbands and wives to be “fruitful and multiply,” this means that “a woman going with a woman” contradicts the Bible. 

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“Even before Christ, I knew that it was wrong. But it was something that was just in me. For people that say that ‘I was born this way,’ that’s a lie. I just have to say it just as it is,” she declared.  

Whyte also talked about her upbringing and how, although her family looked happy, she felt her parents didn’t give her the attention and love through communication that she always longed for.

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As a child, Whyte remembered witnessing her cousin being molested by a family member, with her copying the behavior in what she called “child-on-child sexual abuse.”

Then, one of her friends invited her to church for the first time. The service sparked her interest in Jesus and she began to lose interest in things of the world. 

“When I came across those things that I was struggling with, I wasn’t acting on them anymore. Like, I wasn’t acting on smoking weed. I wasn’t acting on drinking, partying, or lusting after people. But I hadn’t been delivered from those spirits yet,” Whyte said.  

“In October 2021, I was being traumatized by perverted thoughts. … I was like, ‘What is going on right now?’”

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Whyte said she found godly counsel at her new church as the months passed, with the congregation helping her undergo “a process of inner healing,” saying that “the Lord delivered me.” 

Afterward, Whyte recounted hearing the Holy Spirit telling her to finally let her parents know about all of her struggles. So she then went to her parents’ house and shared her testimony. 

Now, Whyte said since being delivered from homosexual attractions in 2021, she has made Jesus the focus of her life. 

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“Jesus is everything,” Whyte said. “He has revived me. He’s my healer. He’s my husband. He’s my best friend. He’s my father. … I now call him ‘papa.’ I’m singing to Him all the time. God is my best friend.”

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  1. Why would my LORD, SAVIOUR and Beloved Husband
    “Save you from Female-Homosexuality”? If indeed that is what you mean by “lesbianism.”
    When NOT ONE VERSE of the SCRIPTURE Breathed Out by GOD [important! NOT Pharisee to European MAN]…but Breathed Out by GOD in HIS chosen Ancient Languages?

    In them there is NOT ONE VERSE that condemns Female-Same-Gender-Sexuality
    [aka Female Homosexuality]. YOU have been DECIEVED by one of Satan’s OLDEST and MOST EFFECTIVE means of doing so: Sowing TARES (Words of Men) IN WITH the Wheat [WORDS of GOD]

    JESUS THE CHRIST [If that is indeed the “Jesus” you are referring to] gave HIS FLOCK [not religious people nor christians alone] a TRUTH SAYING:
    “Humanity does not live by bread (food) alone, but (instead) EVERY WORD that PROCEEDS OUT of THE MOUTH of GOD”

    Now ask yourself: When ANYONE speaks a word out of their mouth, does it not come WITH A LANGUAGE?

    In GOD’s case the SACRED WORD came along WITH the SACRED LANGUAGES that GOD CHOSE to SPEAK [English, a baby language, had not even been born yet, for hundreds of years later]

    GOD chosen WORD came in ANCIENT HEBREW, ANCIENT ARAMIAC and ANCIENT KOINE GREEK [The Trinity of Sacred Languages]. NONE of these are commonly spoke TODAY. So one must Scholarly Research them for They ALONE are SCRIPTURE!!!!…and NO TRANSLATION of MEN [an effort/work of Mankind] is SCRIPTURE! If this were the case then SCRIPTURE would be exposed to “Private Interpretation”…which SCRIPTURE is NOT!!! 2 Peter 1:20.

    We are NOT to SOW TARE-Words INTO and AMONG the WHEAT-WORDS [Uttered by GOD] as SCRIPTURES [as defined above],

    NO-WHERE in them does GOD condemn “female” homosexuality……AT ALL!!!!!
    In fact GOD does not even MENTION you because HE does not count “female-homosexuality” as SEX AT ALL!!!! For it is not COITUS-ENTRY. [Unless a Female Homosexual person “utilizes” a MALE FALICE in which case Her SIN is the violation of DUETERONOMY 22:5.
    If she has OVERT “Fallen” Masculinity [Like her Male counterpart]. The SIN is one of SPIRIT/CHARACTER and NOT “Flesh” which ALL sexuality is.

    If She is OVERTLY “Lustful” such that she has PROMISCUIOUS Female Homo-sensuality [as GOD sees it NOT as sexual], Then the SIN is EXCESS LUST (carnal), without COVENANT-LOVE (Soul and Spiritual). LUST is the OUTER and Temporal Woman rooted, While LOVE-COVENANT between two is INNER and ETERNAL WOMAN rooted.

    So We see that the SAME rules apply for YOU and YOUR Same-Gender sexual nature-expression [aka Homosexuality] as it does for Other-Gender Sexuality [aka Heterosexuality a “phusin” or “germination” sexuality] –And phusin is GOD’s CHOSEN Word of ROMANS 1:26.
    “phusikos” is the other.

    This is the ONLY place where IN ENGLISHMAN Bible Translations that it APPEARS [because of their Defilement] that GOD condemns so-called “lesbianism” –This is a Satanic LIE on GOD HIMSELF designed to prevent female-homosexual creations from pressing into the Kingdom of Heaven: an ancient Pharisee/Scribal Religion TRICK! that JESUS STRONGLY CONDEMNED!

    Matthew 23:13
    But woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against humanity: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

    Paul was TRAINED as such a Pharisee!

    Acts 23:6 ESV / 670 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    Now when Paul perceived that one part were Sadducees and the other Pharisees, he cried out in the council, “Brothers, I am a Pharisee, a son of Pharisees. It is with respect to the hope and the resurrection of the dead that I am on trial.”

    Acts 26:5 ESV / 390 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    They have known for a long time, if they are willing to testify, that according to the strictest party of our religion I have lived as a PHARISEE.

    And YET, GOD guided that PHARISEE to CAREFULLY Chose GOD’s WORDS when Paul Pinned the ONLY Verse that European Influenced Bibles translate with intent to LIE and condemn Female-Homosexualy…..YOUR sexuality.

    The ENGLISH word IMPLANTS of SATAN are “natural” and “nature”
    SLICK, but NOT SLICK enough. For TODAY the common man and woman HAVE ACCESS to the ORIGINAL WORD BREATHED choice of GOD and need not rely on THEM as “God” in our lives.

    NOW, Get yourself a good “Strongs Concordance” and check behind me for accuracy, PURITY, and honesty as I RE-TRANSLATE “back” to the GOD BREATHED WORD of GOD, NO LIE teacher will EVER tell you to do otherwise less he expose his own LIES [see Proverbs 30:5-6]:
    Romans 1:26 reads in their DEFILED bigoted [=Idolatry] English Verse:

    For this cause God gave them up unto VILE AFFECTIONS: for EVEN their WOMEN did CHANGE the NATURAL use into that which is against NATURE:

    The words I have CAPITALIZED in this verse are TARES of SATAN, translated by his earthly servant “Sloppy and careless” translators out of Europe: [i.e William Tyndale] and sense White is “god” to her daughter America, near ALL ENGLISH translations have followed that SAME LIE down through the generations from their BIGOTED fore-fathers.
    Bigotry is IDOLATRY of one’s SELF and one’s OWN “carnal/flesh/natural” TRAITS and their functioning’s. RATHER that yield to the Wisdom of GOD who GLORIES in “flesh”-DIVERSITY of HIS creations. They want CLONES of THEMSELVES.

    THAT SAID: What then should those CAPITALIZED word SHOULD have said in ENGLISH in protecting the PURITY of THE WORD?

    “For this cause, GOD gave them over to ORDEALS of DISHONOR. For WHICH BOTH *THEIR* FEMALES did EXCHANGE the *GERMINATIVE INSTINCT* coition for that coition that is contrary to “GERMINATION”

    “Germination” is a “Natural” term that people of an “Agricultural” audience of Paul would have understand IMMEDIATELY meant “Pregnancy” This was “the” Male and “his” Female Hetero-Fertility RITUAL, for the fertility IDOLS gone WILD (ORGY)
    Females in Pauls time and in Biblical Language were POSSESIONS of “The” MALE who was HETEROSEXUALY paired with him. SO GOD chose the WORD “Their” (Possession) to indicate “Heterosexual COUPLES, seeking the Blessing form the Idols of Fertility. This was SUPER COMMON at that time as part of worshipping GOD in the HOLY places and even OUR GOD of THE BIBLE!!! Thus GOD renders ALL HOLY or SACRED SEX as “FORNICATION”

    Now what was these (plural) ORDEALS (plural) of DISHONOR that Caused them to “DISHONOR” their own bodies AMONG (plural) themselves?

    Oral ENTRY-COURSE is NOT normally an ORDEAL
    Vaginal ENTRY-COURSE is NOT normally an ORDEAL
    BUTT! pun intended: ANAL ENTRY COURSE is NOT EITHER for those “experienced” in it in a lving Relationship where the Penetrator MALE cares for his penetratEE [male or female]

    BUTT!!! pun intended: ANAL ENTRY COURSE in the “Plural” (ORGY, GROUP sex) with NO Boundaries is INDEED “ORDEALS” [plural’ on the Body Itself!!!!

    “The” Male’s (possession) respective coupled Females “EXCHANGED” or “Switched Out” the Penis from their Vagina “into” their ANAL canal. This did NOT require them LEAVING the usage of the Male penis AT ALL. Thus this was HETERO-sexual ANAL “Course of Entry” [Intercourse] which is COITUS, and the only thing GOD regards as SEX AT ALL is COITUS [ENTRY-COURSE].

    I know ” A LOT” of caps, but the capped words are the DEFILED ones and the ones you need to pay CLOSE attention to. USE your Strongs Exhaustive Concordance (found almost ANYWHERE online] for definitions and THEN compare SCRIPTURE TEXT with SCRIPTURE TEXT [as I defined SCRIPTURE to be] to see what usage GOD CHOSE.


    These simple makes SENSE and UNITES “ALL” SCRIPTURE pertaining to it.

    And of course “the” Males did likewise. Only “the MaleS (plural) had to LEAVE the “germinative use” of the female vagina in order to plug into the MALES (plural) anus. This ENTRY-COURSE is “contrary” to “germination” PREGNANCY.

    GOD is simply pointing out WHAT sex HE is referring to [ANAL] by using this language to point YOU to it. HE is also refereeing to the PLURALITY “context” as well as HE pointed in v24 to the IDOLATRY SACRED RITES “context” for “Fertility” GODS. (Including JEHOVAH as the one who “multiplies thee” as is WRITTEN.

    I will end here, but this PROVES ALL THINGS (as Paul commanded) using ONLY SCRIPTURE (as I defined it) and REVERING “only” GOD’s CHOSEN WORDS, no TARES of MEN “close” but so DECIEVING just as Satan did in Eden.

    So Called “Lesbians”, Therefor, are left with NO REASON “not” to come to the Kingdom of Heaven (within AND in the realm to come) via CHRIST JESUS. As The GOD of THE BIBLE does NOT condemn your “sexual/carnal/sensual” body sharing expressions based in your natural bio-chemistry. HE (GOD) simply requires COVENANT, LOVE, RELATIONSHIP as the “Context” for these expressions. HE “also” REQUIRES “NO GENDER-BENDING” character (No beastly tattoos, body piercings, aggressive behaviors. etc) which adulate the FEMALE EGO. This is the SIN of PRIDE ABOMINATION.

    Thus, NO CHILD of GOD, Same-Gender-Sensual/Sexual Woman or Girl should EVER call herself a “Lesbian”. If you are obedient to this, it is for your SANCTIFICATION from the expression of your sexuality from that of “the world”. You are STILL required to be HOLY and SET APART. But NOT in anything rooted in FLESH chemistry. That will come once your Salvation is COMPLETE and you receive your NEW RESSURECTED “FLESH” as JESUS had when he rose and told Thomas to “Handle Him”.

    Make your sexuality COVENANT and make it BEAUTIFUL.

    If you ABANDONE it completely, then do so as any OTHER sexuality (Heterosexuals) must do:
    For the SAKE of the Kingdom of HEAVEN which is a SPIRIT ENLIGHTENMENT via CHRIST.
    BECUASE it is “Sexual”, “Lust-involved” “Earthy”, and NOT because it is SAME-GENDER directed…that alone matters NOT to GOD for it is TEMPORAL.

    BE a BEREAN in SCRIPTURE and CHECK behind me to SEE if these things be so.
    If they ARE, Hard not your heart to them AND
    NOW Press your way into THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN and let not ANY False Doctrine of Pharisee and Scribe Spirits sowing tares of LIES into THE WORD prevent you.

    And may GOD be with you ALL AMEN!😇🔥😇

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