A woman who shared her testimony of how God delivered her from lesbianism and bisexuality said she rejects the idea that she was “born this way,” saying it’s nothing more than a “lie.”

Brittany Whyte talked about her life before and after coming to Christ in a Delafé Testimonies video posted on YouTube earlier this month, explaining that if it weren’t for the transforming power of Jesus Christ, she would still be struggling with same-sex attraction and lust for both sexes.

Whyte firmly believes her past struggles with same-sex attraction stemmed from a manifestation of perversion caused by “generational spirits” that provoked her family’s “bloodline.” But Jesus has since “revived” and healed her. 

She added that she believes no one can be born LGBT because all humans are “made in the image of God,” as recorded in Genesis 1:27. However, she added that the “confusion” and “perversion” of sin manifests in many different forms.

“After coming to know the truth and realizing that it’s actually a perversion that followed the family, like this is a bloodline thing, perversion. I was like, ‘OK. This isn’t me.’ And then reading the Word too. God says that He ‘made man and woman in His image after His likeness.’ He says: ‘be fruitful and multiply,’” Whyte said, quoting Genesis 1:28.

Whyte added that since God commanded husbands and wives to be “fruitful and multiply,” this means that “a woman going with a woman” contradicts the Bible. 

“Even before Christ, I knew that it was wrong. But it was something that was just in me. For people that say that ‘I was born this way,’ that’s a lie. I just have to say it just as it is,” she declared.  

Whyte also talked about her upbringing and how, although her family looked happy, she felt her parents didn’t give her the attention and love through communication that she always longed for. 

As a child, Whyte remembered witnessing her cousin being molested by a family member, with her copying the behavior in what she called “child-on-child sexual abuse.”

Then, one of her friends invited her to church for the first time. The service sparked her interest in Jesus and she began to lose interest in things of the world. 

“When I came across those things that I was struggling with, I wasn’t acting on them anymore. Like, I wasn’t acting on smoking weed. I wasn’t acting on drinking, partying, or lusting after people. But I hadn’t been delivered from those spirits yet,” Whyte said.  

“In October 2021, I was being traumatized by perverted thoughts. … I was like, ‘What is going on right now?’” 

Whyte said she found godly counsel at her new church as the months passed, with the congregation helping her undergo “a process of inner healing,” saying that “the Lord delivered me.” 

Afterward, Whyte recounted hearing the Holy Spirit telling her to finally let her parents know about all of her struggles. So she then went to her parents’ house and shared her testimony. 

Now, Whyte said since being delivered from homosexual attractions in 2021, she has made Jesus the focus of her life. 

“Jesus is everything,” Whyte said. “He has revived me. He’s my healer. He’s my husband. He’s my best friend. He’s my father. … I now call him ‘papa.’ I’m singing to Him all the time. God is my best friend.”


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