Country Star Granger Smith Abandons Music To Preach Jesus, Says ‘I’m Just So Excited’

Country Star Granger Smith Abandons Music To Preach Jesus
Country Star Granger Smith Abandons Music To Preach Jesus

Popular country musician, Granger Smith, stunned his fans when he announced he would be retiring from music to pursue ministry — a fascinating, new calling he’s now actively living out.

Expressing elation over how he plans to serve the Lord in his new found faith, Smith told CBN News, “I’m just so excited about it, I have so much joy just even thinking about it.”

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Smith said he’s already begun speaking before audiences about his Christian faith. While he once traversed the nation and world sharing his music, he now plans to carry a different message, according to Faithwire.

“I’m used to air travel; I’m used to hotels,” he said. “But I have a different message to give, and it’s a life-giving message. It’s one beggar — me telling another beggar where I found bread.”

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“I don’t know what the future looks like five years down the road, 10 years down the road,” Smith said. “But, right now, immediately, it’s writing books, it’s taking speaking engagements, Lord-willing, when the right ones come around, it’s attending seminary, and it’s going to church on Sunday mornings with my family, and sitting under teachings of my pastor.”

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