My Jesus died for me upon the cross,
There for Him I’ve counted all but loss;
When my soul beheld Him on the tree,
Conscience said His dying was for me:
All my heart was captured by His love,
Filled with glory streaming from above.

Jesus’ love has won my heart,
Jesus now is all to me;
For His love all else depart,
Only Jesus bide with me.

The world is rushing heedless down to woe,
Selling hopes of heaven for a show,
But my soul is happy in the Lord,
Feasting daily on His living word;
Walking with my Jesus, oh, how sweet!
Far above the world in love complete.

From all my sin the blood has set me free,
And my life is constant joy to me;
Heaven’s glory shines upon my way,
All my sky is bright and cloudless day,
Glory, glory, glory unto God,
Who redeemed us by the precious blood.

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