‘It Was A Miracle’: Israeli Soldier Alive After Being Set on Fire by Terrorists (Video)


Israeli border Policeman was responding to Arab riots in Hevron when he was hit on the shoulder by a flaming firebomb. ‘Saved by a miracle.’

Israeli Soldier hit by fire by firebomb
Israeli Soldier hit by firebomb

An Israeli border officer was set on fire yesterday after he was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Palestinian rioters in the city of Hebron.

In the video distributed by Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs, the officer identified as Inspector Shahar Madioni, takes a direct hit to the shoulder by a firebomb that flares up on his body during Arab riots. Within seconds, Madioni calmly extinguishes the fire that burns on his body, thereby saving his life.

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The armed officer is seen grabbing at his body to put out the fire and running away from the direction the weapon came from. The fire was out seconds later.

After recovering slightly, he told Yediot Aharonot that he was not aware in real time of the size of the tragedy that could have occurred. “Now that I see the video, I understand the magnitude of the miracle. It could have ended differently.”

“About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we were dispatched to an IDF post in Hevron, after reports of dozens of young people rioting,” he said. “We arrived at the scene and immediately engaged with the rioters, who threw stones and firebombs, in order to repel them and try to make arrests. We were able to push the rioters back, even as stones were being thrown at us the whole time.”

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About 40 minutes after arriving at the area, Madioni felt a strong blow to the shoulder. It was a firebomb. “I immediately saw a huge flame in front of me,” he recounted in a conversation with the newspaper. “Fortunately, it caught fire on my vest, and I immediately put the fire out with my hands. I estimate it took two to three seconds, during which I felt a strong heat on my body.”

Madioni did not need any medical care and is thankful to be alive.

“I experienced a miracle. What prevented the fire from igniting me was the protective equipment, including the vest built of flame retardant materials precisely for protection against firebombs. Fortunately, it didn’t catch on my clothes,” he said.

“Now that I see the video, I understand the magnitude of the miracle. It could have ended differently.”

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Hebron is an especially tense place in the Holy Land and there are often clashes between Israelis and Palestinians there.

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