Israel-Hamas: ‘What Happens If Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, And ISIS Join Forces?’


An Iranian Christian leader has raised a disturbing question of what could happen if ties between terror groups like Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS strengthen.

Rev. Lazarus Yeghnazar, a U.K.-based Christian leader who was born and raised in Iran and who now ministers in the country, told CBN such collaborations are already unfolding — something he also warned about in a recent video responding to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack that killed 1,400 Israelis.

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Yeghnazar, who is the founder and president of Transform Iran, an organization that spreads the Gospel in Iran,

He also warned the murderous chaos will eventually come for everyone, not just Israel.

“This is … a plague that is not only destined to obliterate Israel [but one] that will not stop until they subjugate all of us,” Yeghnazar said.

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The Reverend also stated that Iran is responsible for creating much of the instability we’re seeing right now in the region, explaining the deep roots of the conflict.

“Iran has, for the last 43 years, fermented bitterness,” he told CBN, “I think you’re … a hairline crack away from the whole region burning in an inferno,” Faithwire reports.

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