Doctor Who Committed Hundreds of Abortions Totally Transformed After Encounter With Jesus

Dr. Vansen Wong
Dr. Vansen Wong

Dr. Vansen Wong was for decades, known for providing abortion services to women and advocating for it. He simply believed he was providing a service to women and wanted to be compassionate in how he delivered that care.

Wong, who worked for decades as an OB-GYN who, in addition to delivering babies, also performed hundreds of first-trimester abortions early on in his career. But everything changed when he underwent a spiritual transformation and embraced the Christian faith. Since then, Wong has become a pro-life activist and has also opposed California’s Proposition 1, which would add abortion rights to the state’s constitution.

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Speaking of his past work as an abortion doctor, Wong told CBN’s Faithwire it was primarily a financial decision, as he performed abortions at evening clinics in Sacramento, among other medical practices.

“I viewed it as providing a service,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘Well, abortion’s legal in this country, by law, our healthcare company has to provide abortion services, and it’s gotta be somebody in our specialty. And if I don’t help out in this cause, then it’s just going to fall on a couple of people.’”

Wong, one of a few doctors in the area performing abortions, said he simply believed he was providing a service to women and wanted to be compassionate in how he delivered that care.

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His experience with abortion in past relationships also made him feel it would have been hypocritical to take a firm stand against it.

Wong’s journey to abortion transformation came when an 18-year-old patient he was caring for suddenly died after giving birth.

That “tragedy that is beyond words” left him professionally devastated as he grappled with the horrific loss and its potential impact on his career. To this day, he said he doesn’t fully understand what happened to her but that it led him to pay attention to God.

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As Wong struggled to cope and feared he would lose his job, he said he “made a deal with God.”

“I prayed, ‘God, if you can get me through this mess, I’ll be yours,’” he recalled. “And so that’s how I became a Christian.”

Ultimately, his professional situation was resolved, though the crisis sent Wong on an emotional path to find Jesus — and away from performing abortions. His life dramatically changed as he began to attend church, and God started to work on his heart.

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Watch Wong detail his journey out of the abortion industry:

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