Inside the door, O safe retreat,
From stormy winds that fiercely beat,
From tempest waves that rise and swell,
Inside the door, here all is well.

Inside the door, oh, praise the Lord,
Exalt His name with one accord,
He is the door, He saves from sin,
And shelters all that enter in;
And so I now the theme repeat,
Inside the door, O safe retreat.

Inside the door, O blessed calm,
I feel a touch of heaven’s balm;
And here my soul doth sweetly rest,
As I repose on Jesus’ breast.

Inside the door, oh, let me stay,
Nor let me wander far away;
For in God’s house I would abide,
Therein my soul is satisfied.

Inside the door, O Lord, I pray,
Let me abide from day to day;
Close by Thy side within the fold,
That I Thy beauty may behold.

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