I’ll follow Jesus here, I’ll never, never fear,
Though Satan’s tempting pow’rs assail;
And though I’m tempted sore, I’ll trust Him evermore,
For through His grace I shall prevail.

I’ll follow, I’ll follow,
I’ll follow Jesus all the way;
I’ll follow, I’ll follow,
To the home of everlasting day.

I’ll follow by His side, whatever may betide,
Though perils thickly throng the way;
Though billows deep may roll, there’s naught can harm my soul,
For He is with me night and day.

I’ll follow all the way, I’ll never, never stray,
This world no more can win my love;
I’ve left it all behind, more lasting joys to find,
My treasures all are stored above.

I’ll follow, follow on until the crown is won,
And heaven’s gates unfold to me;
Then with my harp in hand, I’ll join that happy band,
And praise Him through eternity.


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