I was laden down with sin,
Full of wickedness within,
In the darkness of despair, regret and loss;
When I heard a gentle voice
And it made my heart rejoice:
Come find rest, thy heavy laden, at the cross.

At the cross, at the cross,
There my sins were all forgiven at the cross
There my burdens rolled away
There my night was turned to day
There I met my blessed Saviour at the cross

Now each day I go to Him
To receive new life within
And be filled with grace and power at the cross;
So that when temptations come,
All my victories may be won
On my knees in humble prayer at the cross

When the way seems long and drear,
Sore depressed and full of fear,
I just stand and gaze in wonder at the cross;
When I see His pain and woe,
All for love of me I know,
Joy and strength become my portion at the cross.

Weary burdened soul today
Come to Jesus’ side to stay
In His blood He’ll wash your sin stains all away,
You will find your life abound
When in brokenness you’re found
Owning oneness with your Saviour at the cross


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