It may be little that I can do,
Nor may I have much to say,
But in that little I mean to be true,
And do what I can today.

From the depths of my heart I will do my part
With a ready and willing hand;
And I will not shirk, I will faithfully work
In the place that my Lord hath planned.

The work He giveth may lowly be,
It may not win man’s applause,
But if I do what He chooses for me,
I know it will help His cause.

In vain no service that love may give,
No matter how small it be;
In God’s remembrance it ever shall live
To shine in eternity.

In that fair day, when the crowns are brought
For those who have faithful proved,
There will be one for each soul that has wrought-
For all that have worked and loved.


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