One night I had this dream where I saw this miraculous glowing light and literally felt a voice coming inside of me and telling me that’s Jesus Christ.

My name is Aamir, I’m 35 years old and originally from Pakistan.

I grew up as a Muslim in a very strict Islamic countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I went through some difficult and crazy time in my life. I was always confused about my religion as my father belong to the Shiite sect and mother was Sunni and she passed away when I was only 9.

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Few years later that incident my elder brother got killed in Pakistan, that was precisely why in my teens and early 20’s, I was rebellious, unmature and reckless. I didn’t believe love was possible as everybody I ever loved left me alone; my mother, my brother and now being away from my wife and kids for 2 years.

At one point I felt that I lost relationship with God. I didn’t know what to believe in anymore. when I came to this country I was really ill as I had infection in my lever. As my treatment started, all those obstacles just now I have mentioned trapped my thoughts, I couldn’t think properly and I went up to a stage where I couldn’t take anymore stress, depression and unjust behavior. Due to the side effects of the treatment, I was unable to sleep, used to experience hallucinations, nightmares and flashbacks. At one point my psychiatrist suggested I’m suffering from PTSD.

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Then one night I had this dream where I saw this miraculous glowing light and literally felt a voice coming inside of me and telling me that’s Jesus Christ. Next day I woke up in confusion as for me having that kinda dream at that point was not normal. I wrote an email to my psychiatrist and he thought it’s due to the side effects of the medicines.

However the dream appeared again and this time when I woke up and head out to buy some groceries, I saw a Dorpskerk (Local Church) gate open and I don’t know I just had this strange attraction towards it. I went inside the church and to tell you from my heart, from that onward up till now, I feel like God has made me humble and grateful. I realize the existence of Jesus in my life when I decided to get Baptist.

I was like 15 days away from that big moment when my daughter got seriously sick and me and my wife almost lost hope. Hallelujah, God is great. Jesus have healed my child with his miraculous healing power. I’m so grateful to father almighty. Lord through his grace, opened my eyes and heart to him. Now He is my strength.

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I learned to have new faith in Jesus Christ. I praise the Lord that I’m abundantly blessed. It was only after I started living in Christ, learning bible, reading faith and confirmed and allowing Jesus and holy spirit to fill my heart. I was never fulfilled and alive as I’m now.

” Heavenly Father, Before you I was a sinner, and so many sins mentioned in bible I have done.

I felt like I’m unworthy, But since I have accepted Jesus Christ and give my life to him I rejoice always.

I testify through experience and faith that he make me a new being and with a new heart and therefore a new life.”

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