Written By Alger Pace and G.T. Speer

Some glad morning we shall see, Jesus in the air
Coming after you and me, joy is ours to share
What rejoicing there will be, when the saints shall rise
Headed for that jubilee, yonder in the skies

Oh what singing, oh what shouting
On that happy morning when we all shall rise
Oh what glory, Hallelujah
When we meet our blessed Savior in the skies

Seems that now I almost see, all the sainted dead
Rising for that jubilee, that is just ahead
In the twinkling of an eye, changed with them to be
All the living saints to fly, to that jubilee.

When with all that heavenly host, we begin to sing
Singing in the Holy Ghost, how the heavens will ring
Millions there will join the song, with them we shall be
Praising Christ through ages long, heaven’s jubilee.


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