When God helped a pastor from addiction to drugs, he had no idea he would one day become a channel through which God will help hundreds of others become free from same.

He was an addict, now, he’s a pastor who helped to found one of the first rehab centers in Serbia that has helps several hundreds break out of their addictions.

“I was healed from addiction,” says Pastor Dusan Beredji. “After one prayer, I was free.”

Through that freedom, Pastor Beredji helped to open the Rainbow Rehabilitation Center for Addicts in Novi Sad. It’s a place that helps men overcome addiction, free of charge.

Over 300 have graduated so far from the Rainbow Rehabilitation Center for Addicts.

Beredji says Serbia experienced a huge spike in drug addiction after its many years of war.

“One of the reasons was the post-traumatic syndrome,” he says. “Heroin here is really cheap because we are a transit country for heroin from Asia to Europe.”

Program Graduate Milos Dozic and his wife Jelena are both former addicts.

“I was searching for some way out of that kind of life,” said Milos. “That’s how I found this place. In Serbia, at that time this was something totally new.”

How God Gave Me ‘Hope’ And Second Chance: Former Homeless Drug Addict

Milos graduated from the program almost 10 years ago. Now, he helps lead worship at a local Protestant church. The program now accepts 30 men at a time.

Watch Pastor Dusan Beredji’s video below:

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