Gone are the days of wretchedness and sin,
Gone are the days of conflicts fierce within,
Gone far away, no more my soul to know:
My Savior’s blood my heart is keeping white as snow.

I’m happy, I’m happy,
For with Jesus now I live,
And constant peace, and joy, and comfort He doth give.

Gone are the days a Savior’s love I spurned,
Gone are the times from Calv’ry’s scene I turned;
Gone, to be brought against me nevermore!
My Savior’s blood has bought my pardon-safe and sure.

Come are the joys of a heart in blood washed white;
Come is the peace of a conscience pure and right;
Come to my heart, there ever to remain,
‘For me to live is Christ’ henceforth, and ‘Death is gain!’


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