‘God Was With Me’: Hero Bus Driver Saves Kids Just Before School Bus Explodes in Flames

School Bus Driver Saves Kids
School Bus Driver Saves Kids fro fire

A school bus driver in Louisiana who is being hailed a hero after rescuing children just moments before her bus caught fire is crediting God for her protection.

28-year-old Kia Rousseve, who works as a bus driver for Community Academies of New Orleans, saved nine school kids from fire outbreak on the morning of March 13. Kia told Good Morning America that her quick-thinking actions came after the bus started acting strangely, according to Faithwire.

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“The bus started acting crazy and started jerking and going real, real slow,” Rousseve said.

She immediately pulled over — and that’s when she realized something was very wrong.

“My instinct is, like, ‘No, this is not normal,’ ‘Pull the bus over.’”

That’s when a bystander ran over to tell her about flames coming from the bus. Rousseve quickly got the kids off the bus and to safety before she said it essentially “blew up,” according to GMA.

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“I’m just happy and glad that God was with me and I got the kids off the bus and got myself off the bus,” Rousseve said.

The driver also shared her intention of remaining cool and collected during the ordeal — something she said she did for the children.

“I just had to stay calm for the kids, because there was crying and running up the street, and I had to get them together, you know, make sure they were straight,” Rousseve told GMA. “We could have lost our lives. That’s what I’ve been thinking a lot.”

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