‘God is Real’: What Katt Williams Told Joe Rogan About God, Bible, Big Bang, Transgender and Atheism

Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan
Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan

Just over a month after his explosive, record-setting interview with former NFL player-turned-media personality Shannon Sharpe, actor and comedian Katt Williams commanded the attention of millions of listeners on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” hosted by fellow comedian Joe Rogan, as he shared his thoughts on a range of topics, including God, the Bible, the Big Bang theory, homosexuality and the origin of transgenderism, which he calls demonic.

Since the release of the more than three-hour interview on YouTube on Feb. 29, more than 11 million people have tuned in to hear the two comedians laugh and chat.

Here’s a list things on faith and religion Williams highlighted in the interview on the following pages.

God is real

“Here’s the thing. The fact that there is a God is the biggest conversation worldwide. But the truth of the matter is, there is more reason for you to believe there is a God than there is for you to not. Like the way that things interact,” Williams said.

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“If we’re just talking about marijuana or alcohol or whatever, you have to understand that this thing serves no other purpose than to bring pleasure to this small group of beings, right? And the fact that it already was set up to do that, the fact that it was already set up on this planet for there to be medicines for us to find and to utilize.”

Texas is God’s country

Williams believes “Texas is a place of great adventure,” and “It’s really God’s country, in the right places.”

Rogan added, “I think the people here overall are nicer. There’s a lot of nice people there.”

“Here’s the thing. Hopefully, we can agree that the problem is with extremes,” Williams added. “Extreme anything. Extreme left is as vicious as far right. It’s the middleness of it all that makes America great and Texas has been front and center of that forever.”

Williams believes the Garden of Eden is somewhere in Africa

When asked where he thinks the Garden of Eden is located, Williams said he believes there’s evidence showing it’s likely located in Africa based on the description provided in Genesis 2:10–14.

“Well, when you read the stories [in the Bible] the thing that strikes you is that it’s so specific. Like it says things in talking about the Garden of Eden that, wait a minute, if I can’t find what you’re talking about this isn’t even real. … Where the Garden of Eden was, there’s, I think, four rivers that come from it and then it names two of them. Like I don’t want to be specific because at least he’s going to bring it up, but it’s like the Nile and the Euphrates. So you know two of them and it’s saying you know where the four meet. This is where it is. And yeah, my whole life I was like, this is really weird because at one period of time we’re thinking no flood happens, there’s so many things that have lined up from these great religious books to where we can see that no, something happened here. Like something happened and these are stories of people telling stories that have [been] told to them for about a thousand years.

Why Katt Williams doesn’t believe in the Big Bang theory 

“When you think about what people have always believed that’s why angels and devils freak me out because no one wants to believe that there’s a Satan, that there’s a devil,” said Rogan.

“You believe in astronauts though, right?” said Williams.

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“Yeah, OK, but people have always said there is,” Rogan replied.

“You mean a bad and a good?” asked Williams.

“Yeah, not just a bad and a good but an actual evil malevolent force,” Rogan insisted.

Comedian Katt Williams
Comedian Katt Williams

“No, just start with bad and good. If we start at bad and good, then we understand what must be at the extremes of that. Nobody’s telling a different story,” Williams said.

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“And then there’s a concept of actual entities, actual demonic entities that do exist,” Rogan said.

“Well, I’m saying your DNA is either fused or it’s not. If it is, it requires a fuser, that’s all,” said Williams.

“A fuser, right. What do you mean by that?” Rogan asked.

“I’m saying if they tell you that certain parts of your DNA are fused, that requires a fuser. Did I say that, right?” Williams replied.

“I’m not sure I see what you’re saying. The structure to us in everything, all of it does seem remarkable,” Rogan said.

“In a no mistakes type of way. In a synchronistic sort of a way which flies in the face of the accidental Big Bang nothing from nothing way of thinking and it always has been,” said Williams.

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“Well that’s what I think. Like in the beginning there was light when they talk about that. If you were going to describe the beginning of the universe, even if you’re describing the Big Bang, there’s a lot of speculation that that wasn’t necessarily the beginning, that there might be a continuous cycle of these events happening over and over again. But if you were talking about a creation story, you would say in the beginning there was light there was enormous amount of light. It created the entire universe.”

Williams agreed.

“Like whatever they say that Hell or Hades is in any of these religions worldwide, it is the perfect description for what a black hole is in real life,” he added.

“It is. You fall through forever,” Rogan agreed.

“A bottomless pit,” said Williams. “Where time does not exist. Where you don’t die, but you don’t exit.”

Why transgenderism, cross-dressing is a ritual to Baphomet

Williams insists that the number of men wearing dresses in Hollywood is a ritual performance for climbing the ladder of success made for the transgender demon, Baphomet.

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“These guys are wearing dresses. Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, he keeps talking about people wearing dresses.’ No, that is a weird thing. It’s not like that. Look at it from a different way,” said Williams. “Show me one person that ever wore a dress in Hollywood unsuccessfully. That’s how you understand what a ritual is.”

He said he knew as far back as 20 years ago that transgenderism “was going to be a thing.”

“It wasn’t because I was a prophet. It’s just, I had gotten so much information that I understood things are secular. So I understood that the earliest I had seen that word transgender was Baphomet the Transgender,” he said. “So I knew that in the ritual of Baphomet the transgender, to show allegiance to him, you had to kiss his a– ring. … So I knew that both of those things will become popular in the future and that somehow calling people the goat would be normalized over the sheep being always the most popular.”

Technology is the new tower of Babel

Williams and Rogan also compared the use of technology to advance the translation of languages instantly as a modern tower of Babel.

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“Even in the Bible story the Tower of [Babel]. This story is that you know with everybody speaking the same language it intensified s— getting done,” Williams said. “They could do stuff that was hazardous.”

About Atheists

“A lot of people that are atheists don’t like God, and God would have to exist for them to not like,” said Williams. “So the whole thing is, if you were to believe in the Big Bang, you would have to believe that that had happened several times throughout history. Just because that’s what we’ve seen from everything that’s been created.”

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