Is God calling thee, O guilty sinner?-
Satan has long on thee imposed-
Or has the Spirit gone forever?
Is thy heart’s door against Him closed.

Come, sinner, God is calling thee;
Come, sinner, God is calling thee;
He is pleading, interceding;
Come, God is calling thee.

Is God calling thee? Wilt thou not hear Him?
Sinner, He’s pleading now for thee;
In pity His Spirit draws thee near Him,
Mercy and love are shown so free.

Is God calling thee in great compassion?
Then let thy heart this Christ receive;
He died on the cross to seal thy pardon;
How canst thou thus His Spirit grieve?

Is God calling thee? Then wait no longer;
Canst thou His pleading voice despise?
If thou wilt obey, ’twill make thee stronger-
From sin and guilt thou canst arise.

Yes, God’s calling me, and shall I slight Him?
With this vain world for aye be lost?
For His greater love I’ll not betray Him,
No, I’ll be His at any cost.


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