We remember well how the Savior was tempted;
Tempted and tried in the gloomy wilderness;
But He firmly stood, and the foe He defeated;
And we’re overcomers through His power.

‘Blessed is the man that endureth temptation’:
When he is tried he’ll receive a crown of life;
Then in heaven join in the song of redemption,
And abide forever with the Savior.

The apostle says, ‘If it need be you’re tempted,’
If ye endure it will yield a golden store;
Then we’ll praise the Lord, in whose arm we have trusted,
For the overruling of temptation.

If we suffer here, in the name of the Master,
He’ll take us home if we’re firm unto the end;
So we’ll never fear when assailed by the tempter-
For the Savior’s leading us to glory.


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