Dozens Turn To Christ As Church Baptizes Over 140 People In One Day

An Iranian convert to Christianity is baptised in the Netherlands, in a still from the BBC documentary 'Our World: Praying for Asylum'.

A South Carolina church on Sunday baptized about 141 people with dozens deciding to follow Christ on that day.

Of the total number of people baptized by Upstate Church, a congregation with six campuses and around 7,000 members that is also known as First Baptist Simpsonville, 86 had confirmed in advance that they wished to be baptized, while 55 others made the decision during the worship service when the church offered up an invitation.

“The mass baptism came as part of a sermon series on the ordinances of the church, of which baptism is one,” Church Lead Pastor Wayne Bray told The Christian Post, stating that they never expecting such number of new believers in one day.

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“I can’t adequately express how amazing it was to be a part of the day. More than any other moment in my ministry, I felt like we were living the book of Acts. We had preached from Acts 2, and it seemed as if we were in the pages ourselves,” Bray said.

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