Prince of glory condescended, He has favored me;
On the cross He meekly suffered my poor soul to free;
He has cleansed my inner being, changed my life of wrong;
How His touch of healing virtue fills my heart with song!

He was crucified for me,
He was crucified for me,
He was crucified for me,
On the cross of Calvary.

Oh, what consolation offered in His righteousness,
From the highest realm of glory coming down to this!
Here in gloomy maze He found me, languishing to die,
But the light from heaven streaming cleared my mortal sky.

When the pall of night was lifted hope began to start;
When the clouds so thick were rifted, light shone in my heart,
When the shock from Calv’ry’s mountain shook my sinful soul,
Then the stream from that blest fountain over me did roll.

See the Sov’reign of creation, King of earth and skies,
All for sinful man’s salvation thus He dies, He dies;
Yet He lives, a mighty Monarch, reigns o’er every foe,
Causing mortal man to triumph over sin below.

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