Child of God’s boundless mercy,
Child of His tender love,
Is He not true forever?
Will He not faithful prove?
Hidden may be His purpose,
When thou dost weap and pray;
Silence may be the answer,
He may seem far away.

Canst thou not trust His silence?
Canst thou not trust and wait?
Over thee still He watcheth,
Help will not come too late.
He is as true when silent
As when His voice you hear;
When He seems farthest distant,
Still is His presence near.

Needful are all thy heartaches,
Blessings are in thy woes;
Burdens well-borne make stronger,
Loss will God’s grace disclose.
Drink thou the cup so bitter;
Love poured the draft for thee
Just to make sweet the sweeter,
Joy to more joyous be.

Wise is thy loving Father,
Precious to Him thou art;
Cast all thy fears behind thee,
Strengthen thy fainting heart.
Let Him work out His purpose,
He will do what is best;
Patiently wait and trust Him,
Thus shall thy soul be blest.

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