Daily, daily, sing the praises
of the city God hath made;
in the beauteous fields of Eden
its foundation stones are laid.

O that I had wings of angels,
here to spread and heavenward fly!
I would seek the gates of Zion,
far beyond the starry sky.

All the walls of that dear city
are of bright and burnished gold;
it is matchless in its beauty,
and its treasures are untold. Refrain

In the midst of that dear city
Christ is reigning on his seat,
and the angels swing their censers
in a ring about his feet. Refrain

From the throne a river issues,
clear as crystal, passing bright,
and it traverses the City
like a beam of living Light. Refrain

There the meadows green and dewy
shine with lilies wondrous fair;
thousand, thousand, are the colors
of the waving flowers there. Refrain

There the forests ever blossom,
like our orchards here in May,
there the gardens never wither,
but eternally are gay: Refrain

There the wind is sweetly fragrant,
and is laden with the song
of the seraphs, and the elders,
and the great redeemed throng. Refrain

I would my ears were open
here to catch that happy strain!
I would my eyes some vision
of that Eden would attain! Refrain

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