Written By Eliza Hewitt

Come, for all things are ready!
‘Tis a banquet of love;
Here’s a free invitation
From the Master above:
It is written in crimson,
Drawn from Calvary’s flood,
From the wonderful fountain
Of the soul cleansing blood.

Oh, what fullness in Jesus!
Oh, what gladness to know,
Though our sins be as scarlet,
He’ll make them as snow.

Come, for all things are ready!
Heaven’s bounty is spread;
Take the cup of salvation,
Take the life giving bread:
Come, the poor and unworthy,
Come, though sinful and weak;
‘Tis the hungry and thirsty
Whom the Master doth seek.

Come, for all things are ready!
Here’s a robe, snowy white,
Fairer far than the raiment
Of the angels of light:
For the beauty of Jesus
Will thy covering be;
Only ask for this garment,
‘Twill be given to thee.

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