China Blames Christians For ISIS Murder Of Missionaries


ISIS’s murder of two Chinese missionaries sparked public outrage as China’s government failed to adequately investigate their deaths, instead it termed their mission work “illegal,” blames the Koreans with whom they were affiliated, and seizing those who attempted to spread the news.

On June 8, ISIS claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and deaths of 26 year-old Meng Lisi and 24 year-old Li Xinheng, two Chinese nationals serving as missionaries in Balochistan, Pakistan. Meng and Li had been in terrorist custody since they disappeared on May 24, but the Chinese government did not make any effort to rescue them, leaving the work to Pakistani officials.

“Americans make every endeavor and spend a large sum of money to retrieve the remains of the veterans of the Korean War and the Vietnam War at all cost,” U.S.-based Christian Zheng Leguo said.

“Even those who lost consciousness were rescued. The dead were buried properly. The cruel and unreasonable Chinese Communist government, in contrast, abandoned two Chinese preachers, Li Xinheng and Meng Lisi.

After ISIS kidnapped them, the Chinese government did not make any effort to rescue the two Chinese citizens and left all the work to the Pakistani government. The Pakistani military, on the other hand, cared more about bombing the terrorists’ base of than helping the two hostages.”

Please Pray For Christians In China

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