Thousands Protest India’s Religious Intolerance


Holding placards and the national flag, students, artists, politicians and religious leaders gathered in New Delhi to take part in a silent protest.

Thousands of people, including church groups, gathered across India to protest against mounting religious intolerance and express solidarity with the victims of violence.

Secular groups across India organized the June 28 protest titled “Not in My Name” to bring together thousands of Indians who are against violence conducted in the name of Hinduism and patriotism.

“A small group in India believe that every Indian should follow a particular culture and lifestyle dictated by them” which they project as Indian culture, Michael Williams, president of the United Christian Forum, told

“It cannot exist. Not in my name and not in my constitution. Do not fight this war in the name of India and Indians. You are not protecting the constitution of India by killing innocents,” he said explaining the message of the protest.

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