Following Jesus from day to day,
Gently He leads me along the way;
E’er will I trust Him all foes despite,
By faith and not by sight.

Walking with Jesus I’m in the light,
Walking with Jesus in robes of white;
Walking with Jesus my way is bright,
By faith and not by sight.

Jesus has purchased me for His own,
Sweetly He reigns in my heart, His throne,
Pardon He granted, and washed me white,
By faith and not by sight.

Seeking to enter the holiest place,
Boldly I came to the throne of grace;
Sanctified wholly, He’s my delight,
By faith and not by sight.

When I was held in affliction’s chain,
Suffering much from disease and pain;
Jesus then touched me and healed me quite,
By faith and not by sight.

Walking with Jesus till we shall meet,
When in His likeness I stand complete,
Where with the ransomed in heaven’s light,
My faith is lost in sight.


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