Blessed invitation from the King of Heav’n,
Blessed invitation by the Spirit given,
Falling on the weary like refreshing dew,
Whosoe’er believeth, that means you.

That means you, brother, that means you;
Trust the Saviour’s promise tried and true (my brother)
That means you, brother, that means you;
Whosoe’er believeth that means you.

Reconciliation thro’ His precious blood
He hath wrought salvation blessed Son of God!
All the work is finished, there is naught to do,
But to claim the blessing, that means you.

Saving all who trust Him to the uttermost,
Boasting is excluded, yet in Him we boast,
Soul, receive the message, wonderful and true,
Whosoe’er believeth that means you.

Doubt His word no longer, come to Him today,
Turning from your sins for ever more away;
Thro’ his boundless mercy, all shall be forgiv’n
He will safely guide you home to heaven.

There in realms of glory we will sing His praise,
With the shout of triumph thro’ eternal days,
For the invitation, old yet ever new;
Glory, Hallelujah! That means you.

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