Biography Of Victor Kusi Boateng

Victor Kusi Boateng

Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng is the founder and senior Pastor of Power Chapel Worldwide in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. He is an authentic and renowned prophet of God who draws the presence of God through worship, according to the Ministry’s website.

Having held his conviction of the voice of God being more powerful than the good intentions of man, Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng has risen from a school dropout, society reject, sleeping in uncompleted buildings to classrooms, into being a prominent father to the fatherless, counselor to presidents and encourager to the downtrodden.

He has authored books like Blood for Blood, Wisdom Capsules for Survival, Manasseh before Ephraim. He is the founder of Home of Destiny Educational Fund, which takes care of the needy. He recently started The VKB (Victor Kusi Boateng Ministries).

Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng has traveled extensively throughout the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Asia, Canada and Africa preaching the Word of God and building the body of Christ, with his down-to-earth message of hope, diliverance and love.

Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng is married to Anita and they are blessed with four children: Breanna (Honourable), Beyounce (Beyond others), Breindelle (blessed) and and Victor Bryan.

The Archbishop Nicholas Duncan- Williams is his spiritual father.


  1. prophet of GOD need your help i have no parents rejected by relatives have no home cant get married victim of witchcraft my ministry has faied can you pray for me can i come to see you face to face am in south afruca

  2. Dear prophet Victor Boateng, may God blessed your live for the good work you did for Him and peoples from every were. I also need your help i do my best well, but i do not know what is holding my blessing i cannot go forward, Please help me.

  3. Good morning prophet Victor Boateng, may God blessed more your ministry. Man of God I need your help I’m from Angola. I want to start my ministry under your leader ship. Please help me man of God.

  4. Prophet of God,
    I need a prophetic transformation to unleash this inborn call. I can feel it, I am restles like one cought between two worlds, a feeling of inside a water and still thirsty.
    Please help me activate this apostolic anointing sothat I can express this Jesus’ kingdom to the world.
    Your son,
    Francis Ebre

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