Biography Of Bishop Leroy Thompson Sr


Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. is a native of Louisiana and the Pastor of Word of Life Christian Center and Chief overseer of Leroy Thompson Ministerial Association (LTMA). He accepted Christ as his personal savior in September of 1972. In October of that same year he was water baptized. From that moment on he was a man after God’s own heart. On December 30, 1973 he was called into the ministry to preach God’s Word. Apostle Thompson became an ordained minister on May 24, 1975.

In the fall of 1983 he was baptized with the Holy Ghost and his life catapulted. Knowing who he was in Christ, what belongs to him, and what he can do in Christ birth forth a new dimension in his ministering to God’s people. In 1984, he was instructed by the Spirit of God to change the name of the church from Mt. Zion Baptist Church (a 104 year old traditional Baptist Church) to Word of Life Christian Center. He began teaching people how to live the life of faith; how to walk by faith and not by sight; how to be well and not sick; how to live and not die; how to keep the devil under their feet; how to live the victorious abundant life in Christ Jesus and how to be led by the Spirit of God. Church membership at that time was approximate 75 – the majority being children. Membership today has increased to over 2,000 and counting. It was here that he knew he was being used to “CHANGE THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WITH THE WORD OF GOD”.

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Apostle Thompson also started Ever Increasing Word Ministries (EIWM) as another avenue for God to reach his people. Through EIWM, he is connected with over 5000 partners who faithfully follow the ministry and is growing daily. EIWM allows Apostle Thompson to be able to impart into the people of God on a consistent basis.

In 1993, following God’s instructions, Apostle Thompson started Ever Increasing Word Training Center. Apostle Thompson wanted to be able to pass along to others ministers the things he has learned over the years and the experience God’s anointing has brought into his life.

With a strong calling from God Apostle Thompson travels the world taking the message of financial freedom to the Body of Christ by holding Money Cometh to You Conferences. He truly believes that God’s financial abundance is for every believer. He is the author of several books including the best seller “Money Cometh to the Body of Christ”. He not only believes but he also knows from experience that the key to a successful ministry is the combination of praying in the spirit; living and teaching the Word of Faith; and following after the leadership of the Holy Ghost.

He has been happily married to his lovely wife, Mrs. Carolyn A. Thompson for over 40 years. They have four children – Leroy Jr.(Shantel), Shauna (Jesse), Donavan and Darnell (Deirdre)- who serve full time in the ministry along with their parents.


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