Martha Denise Munizzi (born Martha Denise Stallings on February 26, 1968) is an American Gospel music singer, songwriter,author, and actress.

A native of central Florida, Martha Munizzi was born into a Christian musical family. The daughter of evangelists, Martha and her twin sister Mary Alessi were born in Lakeland, Florida and grew up traveling and ministering through music with her family. She began performing at age 8, touring the country with her family in concerts and crusades around the United States and Canada.

Martha, Mary, and their older sister Marvelyne were born with their parents’ talent for music and became a part of the traveling family group as kids. The family settled in Orlando, Florida when Mary and Martha were 12, so that the children could attend formal, public school.

At age 16, Mary, Martha and Marveline (age 18) helped form a praise and worship band at the urging of a church friend. That group evolved into Testament and became popular enough to travel around the state of Florida performing in churches and at conferences and other events.

One year after completing high school (1986), Martha married Dan Munizzi, who was a keyboard and bass player in the bandTestament. In 1993 she and Dan became the music directors and founding members of a new, fledgling church in Orlando, Floridainitially leading a congregation of 250 and a choir of about 30 people that eventually grew in 8 years into a 5000-member congregation and a 200-member music team. They remained there until 2001.

She led worship at Lakewood Church while Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff was on maternity leave

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