Musical career
The act consists of Guy Hovis and Ralna English, who married in early 1969 and made their Welk debut on his Christmas show the same year. English had been a solo performer on the show for a few months, having already joined in mid-1969. They specialize in country, gospel, big band and popular music.

The couple has released a number of albums, including Hymns We Love To Sing, which was nominated for a Dove Award in 1972. Country Songs We Love to Sing, released in 1973, peaked at No. 21 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Their popularity peaked in the 1970s, at which time they had their own fan club and made numerous appearances on other television shows and commercials.

When the Welk show ended in 1982, and later when the couple divorced in 1984, the act disbanded for a while. They have since reunited professionally and have continued to perform, both at PBS pledge specials and in concert venues. They have also performed at political appearances of U.S. Senator Trent Lott.

Lawrence Welk Presents Guy & Ralna
Released: 1970
Hymns We Love to Sing
Released: 1972
Country Songs We Love to Sing
Released: 1973
Give Me That Old Time Religion
Released: 1973
Guy & Ralna Country
Released: 1974
Released: 1975
How Great Thou Art
Released: 1975
Love Songs
Released: 1976
22 Great Songs of Faith
Released: 1978
You Asked For It
Released: 1979
The Lord’s Prayer
Released: 1982

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