Biography Of Bishop Charles Agyinasare


Bishop Charles Agyinasare is a Ghanaian pastor who founded the Word Miracle Church International, later Perez Chapel International, a Pentecostal-Charismatic ministry in Ghana. He is the founder of Precious TV, Chancellor of the Perez University College and author of several books on Christianity.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare
Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Born Charles Yewuraekow Agyin Asare, on 22 March 1962, in Achiase, Eastern region of Ghana, he stayed and studied in Accra at Weija Barracks Primary, Armed Forces Experimental School and Nsawam St. Martins.

The disconnect from socially acceptable training occurred because he had little time with his father. “Dad did not visit much in school”, he revealed, adding he was also too busy at home. The young Charles says he drifted into “a make-believe boy”.

His C.V before and after conversion into the Christian faith is impressive both ways. A 12-year marijuana faithful before Christ and a miracle worker after he accepted Christ.

A candidate for psychiatry hospital before Christ, a crusading planning expert after Christ. A women-chasing college freak before but now a soul-chasing evangelist.

His story mirrors something – that God’s criteria for selecting anyone has not changed – it is still a weak man.

The “funky” pastor says he keeps a strong bond with his family of three children. He skypes, keeps an active twitter and facebook accounts – and WhatsApp.

How Charles Agyin Asare met his wife
A 1985 crusade in Akim Oda to win souls ended with a lady – Vivian- also winning her heart.

He revealed how his “heart was like ice block placed in the sun” when he first met his would-be wife. He eventually warded off two medical science students to marry the lady teacher – now Rev. (Mrs.) Vivian Sena Argyin Asare – six months later.

“I got saved in the Church of Pentecost”, stayed with a disciplinarian pastor Steve Miller who emptied his library into the young Asare’s hungry, open brain, the experienced pastor recalled.

He lived in his wife’s house after he got married. He moved to start a ministry in tamale where the young couple lived for two years without electricity or water.


In 1984, Agyinasare was ordained as a missionary by Enoch Agbodzo. In 1986, he traveled to Nigeria to study crusade planning under the leadership of Benson Idahosa in Benin City, Nigeria. He is currently (2015) the senior pastor of the Perez Dome, which has a 14,000-seater auditorium, regarded as the largest auditorium in Ghana. The President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, on a visit described the place of worship as “one of the Seven Wonders of Ghana”.


In 2007 Agyinasare received a national award – the Member of the Order of the Volta (MV) – by former President of the Republic of Ghana John Agyekum Kufuor, for his outstanding achievements in championing African excellence as a religious leader. In 2015, Agyinasare was awarded The Global Leadership Award from Regent University, USA by Professor Clifton Clarke in recognition of his efforts in raising leaders across the world and for his impact across the globe. He has been given declarations from the State of Texas[ and is an honorary citizen of Texas. Agyinasare is said to be the 20th Most Influential Ghanaian according to a recent poll in Ghana that was taken in 2015

He said his first major break in ministry was at Asamankese where a flock of 40 turned to 3,000 in seven days. He said the daughter of a newspaper reporter –The Mirror- who got healed, put the story in the papers – and Bishop went viral as far as newspaper could do in the late 80’s.

God has spoken to him audibly on two occasions, he said. The then struggling minister attended a Morris Cerullo School of Ministry in the U.S where he said he heard God audibly for the first time in 1983.

“My boy Charles, I send you out as I sent Moses, go out I will put my words in your lips, go out reach the world for me,” he said he heard amidst thunder and lightning. But opening his eyes everything around him was a normal church service.

His second came when after fasting entered the third day, he heard an audible voice say: “My boy Charles I give unto you power over demons and principalities, heal the sick raise the dead, preach the kingdom. He said God gave him Luke 8:1 and Luke 9:1 as scripture verses to substantiate His voice.

He said, on wards, healing and miracles were effortless as sunset.

“Let us in”, Bola Ray’s curiosity betrayed him. “You heard it?, how is the voice of God like?” a bewildered murmuring, accompanied Bola’s query.

The Bishop said, it was as normal as any man’s voice was and that the proof of God’s voice showed in the many successful crusade nights he has organised.

He recalled how in Karachi, India- a place he was told was impossible for evangelism- where he saw a crowd of over 100,000 Christian faithfuls gathered.

At Jackson Park, Sunyani, Ghana, a boy with watery blisters got a new skin the next day.

In Ibadan, Nigeria, a woman who had crawled for 35 years, got up instantly.

A woman in Wa who was suffering hunchback, walked like a pole during a crusade.

In Brazil, a lady with 20% hearing ability in Brazil put off the aids, stuck her fingers in her ears and heard unaided.

In the capital of world skepticism, America, where “you have to prove everything”, he got up to speak at a Morris Cerullo conference and 23 people abandoned reliable walking aids and walked independently without a word of prayer.

He revealed how he was told that nobody could organize a crusade in feared towns in India because monks would levitate. He proclaimed that nobody was allowed to do that while he was there. Nobody did.

And he has stopped rain in a village during a crusade.

He says to skeptics – that could not be a rented crowd.

Word Miracle Church International turns Perez Chapel International

The Word Miracle Church International (WMCI) started in Tamale, Northern Ghana on 29th March 1987. He said today registering his church at certain places had been resisted because the miracle connotation was resisted.

The name has now been changed from WMCI to Perez Chapel International, revealed the Bishop, with over 30 years of full-time pastoral ministry.

The ministry has its International Head Office located at Dzorwulu Junction, Accra, Ghana. The Perez Dome is also the seat of the Presiding Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Charles Argyin Asare.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare Official Facebook Page.


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