Beautiful, peaceful Zion,
We’ve heard of thy wonders of old;
And out of the ages rising,
The city of light we behold.

Coming, coming,
Zion we come to thee;
Coming, coming,
Coming with joy to thee.

Out of the shadows hanging
Dark over the valley of fear,
We mount up to Zion’s glory,
As crystal, eternally clear.

Beautiful, holy Zion,
Oh, mountain of glory divine,
We come to thy peaceful summit,
Where heavenly songs ever chime.

Wonderful, happy Zion,
We stand on thy summit so free,
While joyfully singing, upward,
The ransomed are coming to thee.

Welcome the joyful tidings
Of Zion, the mountain of love;
‘Tis freedom from Babel bondage,
And coming, that freedom we prove.

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