A Ghanaian Prophet King Kweku Williams, aka Prophet Solomon, has predicted doom for pastors in the country in 2019, if they don’t rise up in prayer and do the right things before God.

Prophet Solomon warned that, besides deaths among many pastors in 2019, a very prominent pastor (name withheld),who is widely known and respected in Ghana and beyond, might lose his life if men of God do not rise up in prayer for themselves and Ghana as a whole.

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“His (the prominent Man of God) death would shock and sadden the entire nation, especially the Christendom, considering his fame.”. However, if the Clergy in the country would rise up in prayer, he pleaded, these deaths could be averted.

Prophet Solomon revealed that, due to a strong quest for power among some politicians, bloodthirsty spirits would become very active in the year, leading to very tragic deaths among children, women and mostly, people often referred to as ‘ordinary Ghanaians’.

“In fact, there are lots of machinations in the spiritual realm with politicians and other personalities seeking spiritual intervention to sustain or get power. This would result in serious physical calamities that would wrench many hearts and put the nation in awe in 2019,” he prophesized.

“I see two mighty hands in the spirit world, fighting fiercely over the control of the country and we need to pray that Ghana does suffer as a result of that fight,” he stated.

Two major routes. Accra-Elubo and Brong Ahafo stretch, would experience some fatal accidents in the year, as well as others, all as a results of spiritual conflicts reflecting in the physical.

“An airplane would crash-land after take-off with injuries and possible deaths; Ghana would also experience earthquakes and severe flooding this year,” he prophesied.

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He also hinted of the death of two former presidents if intercessory prayers are not offered. “One of them has been sustained by some prayers and if this doesn’t continue, he will leave this earth. The other’s death would come as a result of some spiritual power play.”

“A prominent figure would trip and fall in public and that could result in a disease (stroke) leading to the end of his position or political ambitions,” he disclosed.

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