Top prophecies from the prominent cleric:
1. Nigerians should not expect President Muhammadu Buhari to achieve much in the anti-corruption war as the whole effort will backfire as several notable people who are close to him will be indicted and thereby tie his hands such that he will not make progress.
2. Buhari’s administration will have more problems by removing the oil subsidy. If care is not taken, we are going to buy fuel at N200 per litre. The removal of oil subsidy will spur militant youths to damage pipelines to steal products for sale.
3. Nigeria army will not be able to defeat Boko Haram if the air force is not fully involved. They can only defeat the insurgents with combined air and ground assaults and using satellites to target their leaders.
4. People in the south west and south south must be careful because the Boko Haram will infiltrate these areas. The insurgents will still carry out more suicide bomb attacks in Plateau and Abuja.
5. If the All Progressives Congress is not careful, the party will crack. Also if the PDP does not go back to beg the founding fathers, the party may not recover, because some PDP governors will flee to the APC.
6. A northern party will emerge. CPC is not yet over. A group from the north will recreate the CPC with a northern person in charge. APC as it is now will have problems if they are not careful. APC and PDP need a lot of prayers.
7. More political parties will be registered. Not all House of Assembly speakers will finish their terms. It is only prayers that will make the Taraba woman to go back to that seat.
8. Seriake Dickson has to pray very well to retain his seat. 9. The Halliburton case will come up again.
10. In probing Jonathan, Buhari will end up shooting himself in the leg. What I mean by that is that as he tries to trouble Jonathan, it will cause problems. He will only be able to hit corruption, but will not make much impact. In the process of the corruption battle, some people who are close to Buhari will be indicted. That is why I said that Buhari will shoot himself in the leg.
10. Buhari will make efforts to make Nigeria better, but his efforts will be frustrated by a cabal in his government. He will step on many toes, but that would frustrate his administration the more.
11. Buhari must not overlook Biafra. He should dialogue with them. He must not hold dialogue with Boko Haram. If he does it, he will destroy his administration. Nigeria will face a lot of agitations by different groups. His government should not see these predictions as doom messages, but as a warning and follow the advice appropriately.
12. NFF will have crisis. If our club sides play very well they might win a cup. They have to be motivated or they might not perform well. Government efforts to alleviate poverty will not be easy, fruitful. I see a lot of crises: Kanuri-Fulani crisis, Hausa-Fulani crisis. We should pray against massive fish poisoning in the river.
13. Atiku should seek the face of God very well because some people want to create trouble around him and destabilize his political machinery.

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