According to the President of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who spoke in a statement signed by his media adviser, Mr Phrank Shaibu, said the nation will witness many heart rending political developments this year.
The cleric said a sitting governor of one of the 36 states of the federation will not see the end of the new year, declaring that, “we have to pray, if not a governor of one of the 36 states may not see the end of 2016, ” in a prediction which is one of his 30 Shocking Predictions for the Year 2016.

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He also predicted that scores of President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers may be absent from cabinet meetings for a good part of the year for health related issues.
According to him: “ I don’t see some Ministers in President Buhari’s Cabinet in office in 2016. They will be abroad for medicals”.

Apostle Suleman also warned the United States of America against possible terrorist attacks in the cities of Washington and New York.

He also predicted the possibility of an epic political upheaval in the United States, the outcome of which may be unimaginable. He said President Barack Obama may seek a third term in office, a move which will throw up issues relating to marital laws.

Apostle Suleman also said the United States may go to war with Russia in in 2016

  1. If Americans don’t pray, there will be no election in 2016 as Obama is interested in a Third Term. He will throw up issues relating to marital laws.
  2. I see a Governor in Nigeria dying.

3.I don’t see some Ministers in President Buhari’s cabinet in office in 2016. They will be abroad for medicals.

4.I see another World War (Russia vs America)

  1. Washington and New York should pray against terrorist attacks in 2016
  2. Boko Haram has devised new strategies. They will come to public places screaming for help and when people gather to assist, they blow off the bomb.
  3. I see Warri in Delta State being bombed.
  4. Turkey – Prayers should be made. I see terrorists attack on a group of teachers
  5. Tinubu and Buhari to fall-out
  6. I see crises in Benue State,Nigeria. Fulani / Hausas to be careful.
  7. Saudi Arabia and Iran to severe relationship.
  8. I see another group stronger than Boko Haram in Nigeria.
  9. Rivers Election re-run will end in another controversy.
  10. Bottling Company (Coca Cola) should pray against fire disaster
  11. Northern Nigeria to pray. I see a King rest in peace.
  1. I see KLM airline female staff go on indefinite strike
  2. Pastors to pray. I see a popular man of God in Nigeria being called home.
  1. I see Nigerian football fans shed tears over a footballer. He died near the pitch.
  2. I see an attack on Saudi Arabia and I see reactions.
  3. I see Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor being removed.
  4. A sitting Governor to be removed through the courts.
  5. President Buhari of Nigeria needs prayers over his health to be able to continue as President.
  6. God to disgrace diabolical pastors this year.
  1. I see two male actors, two female actresses and a musician being mourned in Nigeria. But prayers can avert it.
  2. I see a deadlier attack in South Africa. South Africans telling people to leave their country. This time, worse than the first.
  3. Kenya to rejoice as some terrorists will be arrested.
  1. I see the Clinton family celebrate.
  2. I see the whole Nation of Nigeria mourning.
  3. I see a coup in an African nation.
  1. I see another gathering that looks like a constitutional conference in Nigeria.
  2. I see some girls like CHIBOK GIRLS being released (a few of them).

Apostle Suleman was reputed for predicting the death of Prince Abubakar Audu, the All Progressives Congress governorship aspirant in Kogi state.

Check here Apostle Johnson Suleman 2017 Prophecies.

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