Wild Boars Devour Three ISIS Fighters In Iraq


The militants likely disturbed the notoriously short-tempered animals

You may have read a story about a pride of lions protecting Christians by attacking ISIS militants. Well, now the Islamic Group has fallen foul of wild boars! Reports are coming in of three ISIS fighters being brutally killed by the beasts whilst on Iraqi farmland. The militants had been trying to remove the animals near Kirkuk in the al-Rashad region when the boars went on a “rampage”, Iraqi News reports.

Yahoo news reports that the ISIS fighters were gearing up to ambush some Iraqi tribesmen when the wild pigs struck. The militants likely disturbed the notoriously short-tempered animals, said Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and head of the group of local tribesmen who took up arms after ISIS took control of the nearby town of Hawija.



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