Why Would Any Muslim Think Jesus Was A Muslim?

Jesus and Muhammad
Jesus and Muhammad

Often times some Muslims mention ignorantly that Jesus was a Muslim but this is never true. Guide them with these 21 facts;

  1. During the time of Jesus , there was no muslim religion, Muslim religion was founded about 600 years after Jesus came to the earth.
  2. Jesus never said the shahada
  3. Jesus never prayed “Allah” but He called God His “Father”, claimed to be the Son of God.
  4. Jesus never bowed toward Mecca
  5. Jesus never mentioned the importance of the kaaba or pagan black fertility stone. 
  6. Jesus never prayed repeating the same words or phrases over and over again (Matthew 6:7) 
  7. Jesus never did Ramadan fasting 
  8. Jesus never did Jihad, his kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:36)
  9. Jesus never hated His oppressive enemies, in fact, he loved the Romans and healed their servant (Matthew 8:8-10)
  10. Jesus never did stoning, terrorism, torture.
  11. Jesus prayed looking toward heaven (Mark 6:41, John 17:1)
  12. Jesus drank wine (John 2:10)
  13. Jesus prayed in privacy (Matthew 6:5-6)
  14. Jesus never did a pilgrimage of pagan Hajj
  15. Jesus never had slaves.
  16. Jesus never told anybody to say “SAW” or “PBUH” after the mention or writing of a prophet’s name.
  17. Jesus advocated READING from the written scriptures (Matthew 21:42). 
  18. Jesus instituted a New Covenant, (Matthew 26:28).
  19. Jesus warned against another prophet,
  20. Jesus rose from the dead! (Luke 24:44-48).
  21. Jesus is Lord (Acts 2:36, Romans 14:9, John 13:13, 14, 2 Peter 1:2)


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