If we shall scatter tares in the fallow,
How shall we hope that they shall not grow?
We cannot gather wheat for the garner,
If only useless weeds we shall sow.

Soon you shall gather what you now scatter,
Unto your life give diligent heed;
What we are sowing surely is growing,
That which we reap shall be as the seed.

Should we be sowing briars and thistles,
Where would the grain and flowers find room?
If we are sowing hatred and malice,
We cannot pluck affection’s sweet bloom.

As is the sowing, so is the reaping-
Sinner, the seed you carelessly cast
Bringeth a harvest, bitter with anguish,
Sure will thy reaping be at the last.

Gentleness, kindness, purity, trueness,
Yield a rich fruitage, never to cease;
Sowing in meekness unto the Spirit
Bringeth eternal blessings and peace.

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