‘We Need Prayer Right Now’: Friends & Family of Hillsong Worship Leader Ask For Continued Prayer

Chelsea Taylor
Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea Taylor, the Hillsong worship leader who was rushed to hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm, is continuing to receive medical treatment. However, friends and family of the worship leader say she still needs prayer.

“Urgent: Ok people we need prayer RIGHT NOW!!!” wrote friend Emma Fellers on Instagram, “Chelsea is going back into theatre apparently she has developed a left arm and facial droop… her brain may have spasmed. God’s got her but please rally right now with us!!” #prayforchelsealee

Recall that Taylor was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, August 18, after she said she didn’t feel well at the 8 a.m. worship service at the Hillsong Hills campus in Sydney. She led the opening worship but texted another team member that she was sick. When she continued to feel worse, she was taken to the hospital and underwent a nine-hour brain surgery.

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On Wednesday, Fellers added that Taylor was undergoing a procedure “to take care of the potential vasospasm in her brain.”

Earlier this week, Hillsong’s creative team director, Cass Langton, posted an update about the singer on Instagram, writing that Taylor’s doctors are hoping to remove the draining tubes in a few days. She said doctors thought it was “really good news and we’re confident.”

“Her results are incredible!” Langton wrote in her post. “They revealed minimal vasospasms that were attended to and the doctors are confident there won’t be anymore.”

According to Healthline, a vasospasm is a “sudden contraction of the muscular walls of an artery” and can occur in the brain shortly after an aneurysm. They are usually not particularly dangerous, but can mimic the symptoms of a stroke — sufferers may experience a severe headache, dizziness, numbness or confusion.

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In an update from this week, Fellers said Chelsea was “doing okay” but is “utterly exhausted and needs extra rest.” She will be undergoing angiograms for the vasospasms, which are sudden contractions of the artery’s muscle wall.

“Please pray for successful repeat of this procedure tomorrow to continue to prevent further problems, and supernatural insight for the doctors, supernatural REST and recovery for Chels, and strength for her family!” she added.

The latest update says that Taylor still needs prayers.

“We are praying against these. God is faithful and we are believing for them to stop TODAY,” Fellers wrote on Instagram.
“Chels had a rough night last night. Seems to wake up and get restless because of the neck and back pain. She’s sleeping soundly right now tho. Keep praying guys, Chels needs it and it’s making a difference!!!”

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