Watch, for the Savior is coming,
Thus He has said before;
Soon we shall hear Him, not knowing,
Till He is at the door.

Jesus comes, lo, He comes,
Oh, the awful moment!
Oh, prepare, for He comes-
Comes in final judgment.

Will you be ready and waiting
For the great trumpet’s sound?
When the lost world will be shaking,
Where will you then be found?

Coming in pow’r and great glory,
Gath’ring us home to dwell,
Sinners are banished forever
Down to a woeful hell.

Down to eternal destruction,
Oh, what an awful sight!
Making your final decision
Where it’s forever night.

Sinners, obey and take warning,
Will you now make the choice?
Happy you’ll be in that morning,
If you will hear His voice.


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