Written By Rev. (Dr.) Paul Odgen Davidson.

Verse 1
Students, rise now, build the Kingdom,
Heed the Master’s call today
Students, stand up, follow Jesus;
He’s the Life and the Truth, the Way,
In the city, in the village,
In each near or distant land,
Preach the gospel, make disciples
And fulfil the Lord’s command,

Students, rise now, rise and build
Students, rise now, rise and build

Verse 2
As true students of the Scripture,
Workmen unashamed and bold,
Grow in Knowledge, deepen wisdom;
God’s own truth is purest gold,
And with prayer and devotion
Seek the Master’s face each day;
Let the Kingdom come within you
And among you in all ways,

Verse 3
As the servants of the Saviour
Let God’s will be done on earth
Joining hands with other Christians
Share the message of new Birth;
We’re forgiven, we’ve been pardoned
Through the death of Jesus Christ;
God’s own love gift has been offered;
Our redemption’s sacrifice

Verse 4
As the members of Christ’s body,
Sharing in one common life,
Bearing burdens, sharing sorrows,
Use God’s love to banish strife,
We’re united in the church now,
Founded on the rock of faith;
We have gifts, now let us use them
That the Church may grow in grace

Verse 5.
Jesus calls us as disciples
To give all our lives to Him,
Bringing talents, time and money,
And our futures yet unlived.
He is building, let us join Him;
Let us answer Heaven’s call;
Students, rise now, rise and follow
Follow Him as Lord of all,


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