A Christian doctor, Hisham Shafiq Meskuni, and two members of his family were killed in a home invasion after being stabbed by unknown assailants in Baghdad on Friday, security sources said.

One source told Kurdistan 24 that at least four men brandishing knives stormed the doctor’s house in eastern Baghdad’s predominantly Shia neighborhood of Mashtal, and then began stabbing him and his family.

Another source said the attackers stole money and valuables after the victims were dead.

The doctor, Hisham Shafiq Meskuni, worked as a radiologist at al-Rahibat Hospital in the downtown Karrada district of Baghdad. Also reported killed were Shatha Malik Danu, his wife, and his elderly mother, Khairiya Dawoud.

Dr. Meskuni was the sole target of the initial attack, but when his wife intervened, the two women were killed as well, other security sources said.

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