The Conversion Story Of Samantha Whittington-Asif – From Islam To Christianity


Indian Muslim woman, Samantha Whittington-Asif, shares incredible story of how conversion to Christianity. It’s a double conversion because her Muslim husband accepted Christ a year later!!! Jesus saved them.

Read Samantha’s story below:

Samantha Whittington-Asif
Samantha Whittington-Asif

Five days after my 18th birthday, I sat in the mosque preparing to get married. I did the Nikkah to become a wife to a Muslim. The mosque gave me a copy of the Quran and a copy of the book WE BELIEVE IN JESUS TOO. The mosque failed in one aspect though, they should tell converts what they truly believe about Jesus. If I had known they refused the death of Christ on the cross, I would’ve refused the Quran.

The next year, I tried my best to be a Muslim and learn about Islam. For Jummah prayers, my husband would take me to the ladies room in the mosque and tell me.. “Just do what their doing.” Laughable now, but no one ever taught me the correct way to pray. I just simply did what they did.. stood when they stood, bent when they bent, put my hands up when they put their hands up… the physical parts of Namaaz I learnt, but the actual prayers in Arabic I never learnt or even memorized. I can honestly say that I did try the first two years, but for whatever reason it just didn’t sink in. My third year of marriage, was full of turmoil. I no longer wanted to be married to him. It was the marriage from hell.

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He refused to give me a divorce. Then came the Islamic brainwashing, that only men can divorce their wives and women cannot divorce their husbands. To say the least, the marriage eventually ended in divorce.. I fell into sin, to get out of that marriage. I remarried another Muslim man.

We married in 2006. I was happy. I was happy with this marriage and I was happy that I had gotten the family I always wanted. We have two beautiful children, were finally able to live together, his family finally accepts our marriage. Everything was perfect. Except I was very far from God.

Samantha Whittington-Asif

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Spiritually, I was dead. I stopped trying to learn about Islam. I stopped reading the Quran, Stopped praying Namaaz. The Islamic prayers went against my conscience. Although I thought I was a Muslim, I truly doubt if I ever really was one. I couldn’t pray in Arabic, it made no sense to pray in a language that I could not understand. It made no sense bowing to an object when I grew up praying to God like he was my friend. I never bowed or had to speak in a different language for God to answer my prayers. To think that God only accepts prayers in Arabic, was completely insane.

As of 09/03/14, My lord finally won over my Husband. The Lord promised to save ME and my HOUSE. His promises are true. Last year, they told me I would never be allowed to have a cross in my home. This year, everyone in my home has given their hearts to Jesus.

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