A Syrian refugee in Germany has helped to apprehend a fellow refugee who reportedly was planning a bomb attack.

According to Stream.org, 22-year-old Jaber al-Bakr was plotting a bomb attack when he asked another refugee to help him. Instead of aiding al-Bakr, however, the other refugee tied him up and reported him to the police who arrested him.

Al-Bakr reportedly had a “virtual bomb-making lab” in the town of Chemnitz which police raided. According to an unconfirmed report, he was keeping a dangerous substance called TATP in the “lab.”

Police believe al-Bakr was planning to target an airport in Berlin. Some reports even suggest al-Bakr was sent to Europe by ISIS to set up the bomb lab.
Police said they were “Tired but overjoyed: we captured the terror suspect.” They had been searching for al-Bakr since Friday.

Al-Bakr came as a refugee to Germany in February 2015. He was granted asylum at the end of last year.

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