Author: Charles E. Orr

Humility, O grace so sweet!
Come, dwell within my heart;
Oh, press me to my Savior’s feet;
There lowliness impart.

Come softly from thy throne above,
O grace so sweet and fair;
Come, touch my heart in gentle love,
And scatter meekness there.

Humility, in Christ complete,
I seek thy pleasant ways;
For lowly place at Jesus’ feet
My heart with longing prays.

Humility, the sweetest cup
Of which my heart e’er drank!
I’ve taken but one little sup,
But deep within it sank.

Humility, O gift divine,
Thine odors fill the air;
And while our hearts to thee incline,
Oh, shed thy fragrance there.

O sink my heart to nothingness,
Down, down to lowly planes;
Then up, far up in joyfulness,
My soul in glory reigns.

O heaven’s grace – “humility!
Thy cherished charm I’ll wear;
I must be humble, Lord, like Thee,
Thy holy image bear.

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